The Spanish Honeynet Project is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to information security focused on honeynet technologies. If you are interested in becoming a member, we encourage you to read the members prerequisites and contact us at project

  • Diego González. Founder of the Spanish Honeynet Project. Holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications Engineering (Telematics) from the UPM, Spain. He also holds the CCNA, GCIA, GREM certifications. He is an IT Security Analyst interested in the network security area. He has written an electronic book in Spanish on IDS and several articles related to IT security. He is also the moderator of the forensics-es mailing list, at SecurityFocus. He has participated in several challenges of the Honeynet Project. His areas of expertise include intrusion detection, honeypots, malware analysis, computer forensics, etc.
  • Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña. Master of Engineering in Telecommunications Engineering and Ph.D. candidate in Telecommunications Engineering from the UPM,. He is a member of the information security division of Germinus XXI S.A. where he works as a consultant and project leader. He has participated in diverse projects providing security services to companies in the bank, public administration and telecommunications operator sectors varying from audits and penetration tests intrusion to deployment of diverse security infraestructure elements. He has also authored articles in magazines (including the spanish magazine SIC) and is member of several open source development groups such as the Debian project and various security tools: Tiger, Nessus, and Bastille. He is also the principal author of the Securing Debian Manual.
  • Raúl Siles. Raul Siles is a senior independent Security Consultant performing security solutions and services in various European industries. Raul’s expertise includes security architectures design, penetration tests, incident handling, forensic analysis, network, system and application security assessments and hardening, intrusion detection and information security management. He has previously worked as a security consultant with Hewlett-Packard. Raul is one of the few individuals who have earned the GIAC Security Expert (GSE) designation and also holds other SANS/GIAC certifications. Raul is a SANS Institute author and instructor for multiple courses. He is a frequent security speaker, has authored a TCP/IP security book and contributes to security articles, reviews and research projects. As a member of the Spanish Honeynet Project, he loves security challenges. Raul holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from UPM (Spain) and a postgraduate in Security and E-Commerce.
  • Carlos Fragoso Mariscal. Carlos Fragoso is a networking, systems and security engineer for Supercomputing Center of Catalonia. He is responsible for ERIAC Incident Response Team incident handling and several security services such as perimeter protection, infrastructure hardening and IDS/ADS systems. He frequently participates as an instructor or guest speaker of networking and security topics on several master degree courses, workshops and conferences. In addition, he is involved on national and worldwide security workgroups and incident response communities such as TF-CSIRT, ESPX-CERT, ABUSE-ES and NSP-SEC. Carlos holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from UAB, a Master Degree on Networking and Telecommunications from URL and several professional certifications from Cisco Systems (CCNA, CCNP) and SANS Institute (GSEC, GCFW, SSP-MPA).
  • Pedro Sánchez. Pedro Sánchez is security administrator of  “Asociación Técnica de Cajas de Ahorros”. He has worked in important companies as a security consultant specialized in computer forensics, honeynets, intrusion detection, firewalls, implementation of ISO 27001 standards and methodologies for security architectures. He has worked with security experts from the Government, NATO, and several commercial organizations. Now he writes in his blog on computer forensics, Conexioninversa, and gives national and international talks on security. He also holds CISM and CHFI certifications.
  • Bytecoders (Lead developers, Jose A. Torres and Mario Matilla). We are a VoIP honeypot development group. We work hard on VoIP Honey project to deliver an enterprise-grade solution for monitoring and researching VoIP attacks. We are a small team who has strong knowledge and experience in VoIP systems deployment, we feel that most VoIP setups are not secured enough and that’s the reason why we think that VoIP attacks are becoming more popular. Now, as the team is growing, security and forensic computing enthusiats are joining so we are becoming a more cross-functional team every day. Our main goal is to deliver a good solution for tracking VoIP hackers all aroung the globe. If you want to join our project and be part of this challenge you are always welcome!

Former members:

  • David Perez Conde

Individuals or organizations interested in Honeynet technologies are encouraged to join the Spanish Honeynet Mailing List.