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HoneySpot: The Wireless Honeypot

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

HoneySpot: The Wireless Honeypot
Monitoring the Attacker’s Activities in Wireless Networks
A design and architectural overview

We’ve been developing a paper to create awareness and help to guide the deployment of wireless honeypots, mainly centered on 802.11 (WiFi) technologies. The paper is focused on providing a design and architectural overview for the deployment of wireless honeypots, coined as HoneySpots.

We’re currently involved in deploying these technologies, capture attacks and related information, develop analysis tools, and will publish a future paper with the findings. Meanwhile, we would like to publicly promote the deployment of these technologies by releasing this paper. If you are interested in developing or/and deploying wireless honeynets, contact us at project at (removethis) The Spanish Honeynet Project wants to promote this research area, including multiple wireless technologies, mainly 802.11 and Bluetooth today, with future additions such as WiMAX.